Orange County Fair: Carnival Rides, Farm Fun & Fried Treats


What are you doing this summer? Are you bored and need a place to go with your family? The OC fair is the place to go.

It’s summer and there are plenty of events going on in Los Angeles and down the coast. This weekend Justin and I decided to check out the famous OC Fair in Costa Mesa.

The weather was perfect, so we took the hour long drive down the 405.

As soon as we got there, we were overwhelmed by the delicious smells of funnel cakes, corn dogs and turkey legs. And we got there just in time. They had two promotions that day from noon to 4pm: $2 taste of fair food and $2 rides and games.

Justin is big into carnival rides ever since we went to Vienna and he decided to try out two of the scariest ones.

As long as they spin and turn you upside down – he’s in!

And there was plenty of fun to be had with games such as ring throw, water balloon pop and other family favorites. The prizes were pretty impressive – I’m talking donut pillows! – and I’m sad I didn’t win one.

Of course, anyone who comes to the fair shouldn’t miss all the exciting food items you can get. And let me tell you, they seem strange to a European self-proclaimed gourmet like myself.

Fried cheesecake, fried oreos, fried snickers bars? Basically, any sweet and savory treat you could find was sold fried. We decided on some corn on the cob, an extra-long hot dog and fries.


But my personal food highlight of this trip was my very first corn dog. A friend once told me that I will never forget my first corn dog. And I have to tell you – she was right.

After lunch we took a ride on the “ski-lift” across the premises and we were able to see just how large the grounds actually are. From the birds-eye view, we knew exactly where we wanted to go – to the animals. The fair offers educational fun as well as rides with their animal and farm exhibition. Additionally, they hold competitions on growing vegetables and decorative cake making, and display the winners for the visitors to see.

Everyone should also check out the pig races. It’s the cutest thing you will see in a long time.

If you and your family want to visit the OC fair you can still do so until August 10, 2014. It’s worth the trip wherever you come from. Let me know how your experience was at the OC Fair in the comments!

OC Fair & Event Center
88 Fair Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626



  1. Hey Jana,
    Ich war das Wochenende auch dort und kann dir nur zustimmen, die Fahrt dorthin war es auf alle Fälle wert! Eine solch gewaltige Kirmes wird man hier in Deutschland vergeblich suchen. Jedoch war ich am Abend da und habe dann nicht mehr viel gesehen, das verrückteste waren wahrscheinlich doch die all american pig races.

    Meinen ersten Corn dog hatte ich auch, muss aber ehrlich sagen: meins ist es nicht! Dafür mochte ich umso mehr die fried oreos und den chocolate covered bacon (obwohl ich da anfangs auch meine Bedenken hatte und es mich einiges an Überwindung kostete).

    Ich bin leider nur den Sommer über in Los Angeles. Hast du paar Empfehlungen oder Geheimtipps für mich? 🙂

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Hey Tonia,

      da hast du recht. Es ist wirklich mal was ganz anderes als die deutschen Kirmes.
      Ich wollte die fried oreos und den chocolate covered bacon zwar probieren, habs aber dann irgendwie nicht geschafft. 😀 Das war mir einfach zu komisch! Wie hat dir das geschmeckt?

      Lass mich mal überlegen zwecks Geheimtipps. Also was du unbedingt machen solltest, ist mal zur Griffith Observatory rauf zu gehen. Von da hat man den besten Ausblick über die ganze Stadt. Oder hol dir ein Paar Tickets zu einer Live-Aufzeichnung der großen Shows wie 2 and half men bei

      Liebe Grüße,

  2. Hi Jana! I recently moved to Cali and fell in love with it…..along with my husband, Justin 😉 fun to see your adventures in SoCal! cheers!

    • That’s so funny. My husband’s name is Justin too :). I’m interested in reading about your stories in Northern Cali.

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