Disneyland – Annual Passes for the Happiest Place on Earth

IMG_6496Disneyland – the happiest place on earth. Where peopleĀ could get hurt and you wouldn’t even notice because they are the masters of deception. (And I’ve seen that happen before.)

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to live close to any of the theme parks but I was always too far away from them all. And let’s be honest: EuroDisney Paris just doesn’t have the same kind of charm.

Naturally, now that I’m living in LA, I’ve decided to invest in an annual pass, so I can go back there any time I would like. There is really no better place to forget about your every-day troubles.


Unfortunately, Disneyland isn’t quite DisneyWorld and there are days where I miss the Epcot park but I’m happy with what I got. Out of the two parks that we do have, I think I prefer Magic Kingdom (do we call it that in LA too?) – you know the regular Disney park.

The major difference between the two is that the amount of kids is significantly reduced in the California Adventure park. That’s in part because California Adventure is the first park that seems to be geared more towards adults. They are the only Disney park to serve alcohol – namely margaritas, wine and other cocktails. What’s interesting about that is, that it’s the only Disney park that allows alcohol. Walt never wanted the parks to serve any adult beverages, so they waited until he died to build a park that allows the consumption of alcohol.


Bruschetta at Disneyland California Adventure


Cocktails at Disney’s California Adventure


Regardless, I love spending time at Disneyland and I will make sure to spend every free moment there to make sure I really use that annual pass. So let me know, if you guys ever make it out there. Maybe I will see you there.



California Peet at California Adventure


Annual Pass

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