Color Obsession of January: Burgundy/Wine Red

Hi everyone!

I’m back from a long beauty sleep. Well, not really. I was extremely busy with college and life but it’s going to be different now! JanaCalifornia will now also be expanding to YouTube, adding fashion to our selection of eclectic topics. The videos are coming up soon – so stay tuned! Meanwhile, I would like to show you guys my current color fashion obsession which is burgundy, a darker shade of red.

Here are some of the items I’ve purchased and will haul and try on for you on the new YouTube channel coming up soon. 😉 These are my current obsessions:


Sequin – Beaded Inspiring Star Bracelets, Set of 3


This super cute beads & pearls bracelet that also includes a round and star-shaped charm studded with rhinestones. I absolutely love it and it’s still on sale over at Bloomingdale’s for $24.00 reduced from $48.00. Check it out here.


Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Lenia Sneakers


So anyone who loves Chuck Taylor’s will definitely fall in love with these cuties. And they’re super cheap too. On sale right now at Target it was $19.99 but it’s now $13.45. I’ve added them to my must-have list. Check them out here.


Sporty of My Life Top



Sticking with the sporty vibe of the sneakers above, comes a nice hooded top from Modcloth. The materials are 80% Cotton, 17% Polyester and 3% Spandex. If you know anything about my preferences, you’ll always see that I try to go for clothes that have a high percentage of cotton. And it has a crinkly texture too. So no ironing, yay!
It’s currently $34.99 over at Modcloth. So check it out here.


Doublju Women Plus-size Versatile Strechy Flared Skater Skirt


Yay for skater skirts! Absolutely love them, and absolutely love Doublju. So it’s a perfect match. This skirt comes in all colors of the rainbow, but for this post I obviously picked burgundy. It’s $9.98-17.98 over at Amazon. Check it out here.


La Cle Street Fashion Handy Saddle Mini Small Dating Cross Body Shoulder Bag


I’m freaking obsessed with this bag. It’s saffiano leather and I am in love with that type of leather. Usually that’s a staple of Michael Kors, so I was super excited to find a more affordable bag over at Amazon that uses the same type of leather. The bag is kind of small but it definitely fits a wallet and your cellphone. And the price is fantastic. It’s only $35.99. Check it out here.

Essie – Bahama Mama


No outfit would be complete without the perfect nail polish right? So Essie is always a fav without too high of a price tag. Bahama Mama is in their regular collection and it definitely completes any winter/burgundy outfit. I absolutely love it! It’s $8.50 at Amazon. Check it out here.


At the end I just wanted to let you know that I make no commission by you clicking at these links or you buying these items. I’d let you know if that was the case. Just sharing my burgundy color obsessions with my lovely readers.

Some of these will also be appearing in my favorites of the month video over at the JanaCalifornia YouTube channel which you can find here.

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