Culinary findings at the mall


Meizhou Dongpo at Westfield Century City

Since my spring semester won’t start for another week, I have quite some free time on my hand. And yes, I’ve been preparing and bought my books already, most of my time is spent running around the city.

So one of these days, I decided to waste my time at Westfield Century City. I love this mall. It’s the perfect mix between high-end fashion/luxury brands (because we are in Century City!) and open-air family mall.

I was especially excited when I heard that the Chinese restaurant Meizhou Dongpo had finally opened its doors. (It took me a bit to spell this one right.) They had been advertising it for a more than half a year and it was scheduled to open in October. Somehow I had lost track of it or I would have stopped by sooner.

Recently, I’ve found out that this is somewhat of a chain. When I sat down, they were just training their new staff at the other table and they served them a feast of all the items on the menu.


Pork belly over cabbage

I wanted to order some of their crispy peking duck but they told me right when I sat down that they were out of duck. What a bummer, since 3 of their main dishes included duck. A little disappointed, I decided to go for the pork belly, which sounded absolutely delicious. For some reason, I thought it was going to be crispy. It was served on a bed of cabbage and could have used a little less salt. Nevertheless, it was quite the pleasant experience.

Should you ever get to that side of town, you should definitely try that place out or go to one of the Japanese joints in the food court. They are amazing, too. I can recommend the baby octopus.


At the japanese joint: Baby Octopus, Kiwi Green Tea, Spicy Tuna Roll


Blue skies over Century City


Inside the restaurant

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