Las Vegas: Japanese Street Food at Yusho

Las Vegas: Japanese Street Food at Yusho

Yusho Restaurant at Monte Carlo, Las Vegas

Yusho Restaurant at Monte Carlo, Las Vegas

I’m finally back from the dead. Well, not literally, of course but at least I’m back to writing blog entries. And the first one I’m bringing to you guys is about food. Who doesn’t love food? But when it comes to Asian food, a lot of people tend to disagree. So do Justin and I.

For my birthday weekend, Justin & I went to Las Vegas. Knowing us, where else would we go right?

As soon as we got to the Monte Carlo, we were pretty hungry and decided to grab a bite. My preference for Japanese food is nothing new to Justin and so he gave in. We were lured in by the concept of Japanese food like Takoyaki, Yakitori and other grilled specialties. However, what we got was quite different than any of our expectations.

As soon as we entered the dining room, I noticed the special ambiance and wall colors. The furniture reminded me of a casual dining restaurant with colorful chairs, turquoise walls and wooden tables.

When we got seated at our table, we looked over the menu and realized that the items were neither priced as street food or casual dining, nor resembled anything we had expected.

The waitress explained to us that the food would be served “tapas-style”, meaning small portions to share, so we should order many of them.

We decided to order  mushroom miso soup, Japanese griddle cake, chicken drummies, house pickles, grilled duckbreast, grilled octopus and two steamed buns (crispy cod & pork shoulder).

Mushroom Miso Soup

Mushroom Miso Soup & Pickled Vegetables

The mushroom miso soup came first and the light mushroom broth was a delight with tofu and sea weed.

As a second dish we got our pickled vegetables which included lotus root, carrots, cucumbers and sea weed and was also really good and quite tangy.

Justin got his chicken drummies and he said he really liked it. I didn’t try it because chicken’s not my thing and it really was the only thing he wanted to eat off the menu except a pork shoulder steamed bun.

The grilled duck breast was wrapped around mushrooms and accompanied by a sweet but savory shiitake mushroom marmalade.

Our grilled octopus dish was quite peppery in taste and it was loaded which enoki mushrooms, which made the dish quite special.

Overall our experience was really great. If you guys want to check it out, click the link in this post. It’s a great place to enjoy some different Japanese food, but beware it tends to be quite pricey.

at the Hotel Monte Carlo, Las Vegas