German Christmas Market in Los Angeles – Old World

German Christmas Market in Los Angeles – Old World


Fall Semester is done! And Christmas is over too, which I spent with my husband cooking some yummy food. I always find it hard to get into the Christmas spirit over here in California because of the missing snow and cold. However, I could take a walk on the beach or decorate a palm tree. Yeah, I know I’m complaining on a very high level right now. Hah!

Anyway to make sure we got a little excited for Christmas we decided to find ourselves a Christmas market over here, since we couldn’t go back to Germany this year. And there’s this place called Old World in Huntington Beach, and the name really doesn’t lie.


When you arrive, it feels like you’ve stepped into a small Bavarian town. And when we got there, the the tiny streets were lined with booths selling all kind of varying things like soap, nutritional supplements and pillows. The Old World has a couple of permanent shops too and we took a stroll through them visiting an art shop and a Turkish book shop.


For catering they had contracted the LA Currywurst truck which has gained fame in Europe through various television shows. However, we opted for the local German restaurant and the food really surprised me. Finding authentic German food in LA is quite difficult. However, this one came the closest so far to actually tasting to the Bavarian food from home.


The Christmas market was full of Germans and you really felt transported there not just because of the atmosphere but also because of the language you could hear being spoken all around you.

This is event is held annually and is organized by Germans here in California. Next year, around Christmas time anyone should come check it out. Or just check out the Old Market during the year, they have a great restaurant and plenty of German shops including two supermarkets and a beer garden. Or stop by the Speakeasy for a drink.




Old World
7561 Center Ave. #49
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Ice Cream Lab – Fresh Flavors, Flash Frozen

Ice Cream Lab – Fresh Flavors, Flash Frozen

Some photos used in this article were provided by Ice Cream Lab. I received no compensation for this article.

It’s August and the heat is still standing in the city. So naturally, as we’re melting away we’re looking for a fancy way to cool down. And yes, you could go to your freezer and pull out one of the plain old ice cream sandwiches. But why not try something new and exciting?


I recently went to see my lawyer in Beverly Hills and decided to take a stroll, when I stumbled onto the one-of-a-kind ice cream parlor. The Ice Cream Lab is pretty inconspicuous from the outside but once you enter it and you see the graffiti-like artwork on the wall you know you’re in a special place.

But wait until you order your ice cream!


The flavors change on a regular basis, so you should check their website to see what’s currently available. My personal favorite is the Blue Velvet, that they’ve always had available when I’ve stopped by. Once you’ve picked out the flavor you desire, it’s onto the fun part. Here is where the Ice Cream Lab really sets itself apart from other stores.

Ice Cream 3

The “Lab Technicians” as they call themselves here, mix the ingredients together in front of your eyes and put it in a special ice cream mixer that gets instantly frozen by liquid nitrogen. The fun part: the process fills the room with cool fog as a special effect!

And what comes out of this process is super-creamy, yummy and especially fresh ice cream. So if you’re ever in the area stop by and try a scoop. It’s fun to watch the process and you get good ice cream on a hot day.

Also, we’ve got some good news: They’re planning on expanding even more from Beverly Hills to Westlake, Old Pasadena and Little Tokyo in LA. And according to their website they’ll even go overseas to Dubai!

Hot Chocolate Marshmallows

Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Ice Cream

In case you want to stop by, here’s their address. It’s right next to Rodeo Drive.

Ice Cream Lab

9461 S Santa Monica Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA. 90210

As usual: Please let me know what you think. Are you interested in stopping by? Or if you’ve stopped by, what’s your opinion on their ice cream?