Sun, Fun & Boats! – Marina Fest in Marina Del Rey

Sun, Fun & Boats! – Marina Fest in Marina Del Rey


Yacht & Boats in Marina Del Rey

First, I would like to apologize for my super late post. My week was crazy busy, so I just didn’t find the time unfortunately. But now I’ll recap for you what I did last weekend. Justin & I went to the Marina Fest in the Marina del Rey harbor.

The marina, to me, is a special place – an escape from the big city life. I love how peaceful and quiet it is and not to mention the ocean breeze! Last week, they held the Marina Fest, a festival with vendors and exhibitors all about boating. Booths all set up shop in Burton Chase Park and their offers ranged from education about save oil disposal to realtor services. And as you can see in the next photo, some of them were even selling toilets.

We strolled around the park and looked at the old and new yachts, that were open to be boarded by the public.


Vendors and exhibitors at the Marina Fest

The food options were unfortunately a little grim because only two food trucks were catering the event. India Jones was serving up Indian food and customers enjoyed Pork Belly sandwiches at the Pork Belly truck. The latter took a rather long break and the lined up queue of hungry customers jumped ship and gave their business to the Indian truck.

We were really hungry, too, so we bought some curry fries from the India Jones’ truck and they were absolutely delicious. Even Justin liked them, and he does not like Indian food. After the Pork Belly truck reopened, we finally got our sandwiches too and we ordered the PBLT sandwich, which was a BLT with pork belly instead of bacon.It was great, albeit a bit greasy.

A DJ pumped up the crowd with his music and many of the visitors took advantage of the free water taxi around the harbor. As we came a little late, we opted out of that fun.

All in all, we had a great time and I’d love to come back some time to picnic in this awesome park. That’s definitely on my to-do-list for this summer.

Click through my gallery to see some more of the awesome pictures we took:

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Disneyland – Annual Passes for the Happiest Place on Earth

Disneyland – Annual Passes for the Happiest Place on Earth

IMG_6496Disneyland – the happiest place on earth. Where people could get hurt and you wouldn’t even notice because they are the masters of deception. (And I’ve seen that happen before.)

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to live close to any of the theme parks but I was always too far away from them all. And let’s be honest: EuroDisney Paris just doesn’t have the same kind of charm.

Naturally, now that I’m living in LA, I’ve decided to invest in an annual pass, so I can go back there any time I would like. There is really no better place to forget about your every-day troubles.


Unfortunately, Disneyland isn’t quite DisneyWorld and there are days where I miss the Epcot park but I’m happy with what I got. Out of the two parks that we do have, I think I prefer Magic Kingdom (do we call it that in LA too?) – you know the regular Disney park.

The major difference between the two is that the amount of kids is significantly reduced in the California Adventure park. That’s in part because California Adventure is the first park that seems to be geared more towards adults. They are the only Disney park to serve alcohol – namely margaritas, wine and other cocktails. What’s interesting about that is, that it’s the only Disney park that allows alcohol. Walt never wanted the parks to serve any adult beverages, so they waited until he died to build a park that allows the consumption of alcohol.


Bruschetta at Disneyland California Adventure


Cocktails at Disney’s California Adventure


Regardless, I love spending time at Disneyland and I will make sure to spend every free moment there to make sure I really use that annual pass. So let me know, if you guys ever make it out there. Maybe I will see you there.



California Peet at California Adventure


Annual Pass

Blu Jam Cafe – A reason to cut your beauty sleep short for brunch

Blu Jam Cafe – A reason to cut your beauty sleep short for brunch


Loxex Scramble – Salmon & Brie

Usually, I don’t get up early on a Saturday. Well, I don’t get up early on any day unless I have to or someone promises me something I find rewarding or entertaining enough to cut my beauty sleep short.

So when my friend Angelica invited me to brunch, I was naturally a little lazy. And indeed it took us a couple of weeks to actually go through with it.

But last Saturday we ended up meeting at this place called Blu Jam Cafe in Sherman Oaks. The cafe itself is pretty easy to find, located on Ventura Blvd. When I arrived there, I tried to park in their small (but free) parking lot in the back and after a while I found a spot. If you’re there on a Saturday, be prepared to battle for it. Or you can park on the meters on the street.

When I entered the restaurant, there were a lot of people waiting to get a table and it took us 30 minutes to get seated.

Our table was nestled in a small outside area and it was pretty crammed but I didn’t feel bothered by the other guests. When I took a look at the menu, I was ecstatic.

The menu had a vast array of items you don’t usually see on a brunch menu – or at least I’ve never seen them before. Which other place serves Italian Breakfast Risotto and Breakfast Carbonara? And indeed, it looks just as delicious as it sounds. According to their website, their Breakfast Carbonara is  risotto with crispy smoked bacon, green peas, parsley and parmesan, topped with two poached eggs and herb pistou.

We chose a little more traditional breakfasts. I picked the Lorox scramble, which are made with smoked salmon, chives and brie. Unfortunately, the waitress messed up my order and I got the regular eggs, instead of egg whites. But hey, let’s not be difficult here. So I let it slide.

Crispy French Toast & Breakfast Quesadilla

Crispy French Toast & Breakfast Quesadilla

My friend ordered the Breakfast Quesadilla which also looked delicious. Even though both our orders came with fruits, we decided we needed more sweets. So we went, with the specialty, which they are known for, crispy french toast. That’s regular french toast rolled in cornflakes and served with fresh berries and a vanilla bean sauce. It was my first time trying any kind of french toast and I really enjoyed it.

The price overall was very affordable and I had a great time. Well, until they declined my card and I found out someone had stolen my credit card information but that’s a story for another day. And it’s definitely not their fault, so if you’re ever in the neighborhood of Sherman Oaks or just feel like a really good brunch place. Check them out.

Blu Jam Cafe
15045 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


Breakfast at Blu Jam Café!