Things to see in California/LA:

  1. Catalina Island
  2. hike up to the Hollywood Sign
  3. helicopter flight over Los Angeles
  4. get onto the Warner Brother’s lot without being part of a tour
  5. go cherry picking at Leona Valley in summer
  6. see a concert at the Hollywood Bowl
  7. visit Hearst Castle
  8. go to LACMA and take a photo at the lights
  9. visit Olvera Street
  10. buy fresh produce at a farmer’s market


Travel Goals:

  1. Japan
  2. New York City
  3. Washington DC
  4. Disney World with Justin
  5. Seattle
  6. Bora Bora
  7. Vancouver
  8. Catalina Island
  9. Hawaii
  10. Sydney
  11. Whitsundays
  12. Paris
  13. Salt Lake City
  14. Stay at a suite in Las Vegas
  15. Venice
  16. see the Mona Lisa
  17. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter again
  18. Maldives
  19. tour the White House
  20. see the Lincoln Memorial
  21. see the Statue of Liberty
  22. rent a cabin at Lake Tahoe
  23. see the redwoods
  24. Mount Rushmore
  25. take Justin to Europe in Summer  (06/24/2014)


Life Goals:

  1. write a book
  2. sell a book
  3. get a job I like
  4. get an Associate’s Degree
  5. get a Bachelor’s Degree
  6. transfer to a 4-year university, preferably USC
  7. build a house
  8. plant a lemon tree
  9. write an article for a major publication
  10. buy a Chloe bag
  11. go to the Primetime Emmy Awards
  12. write a script
  13. work as a Production Assistant on a Hollywood movie (02/14/2014)
  14. get a another gig as a Production Assistant in Hollywood  (02/28/2014)
  15. learn another language
  16. take a course in abnormal psychology
  17. take a course in chemistry
  18. do Jury duty
  19. own an American passport / be an American citizen
  20. have a mentor
  21. drive from the West coast to the East coast
  22. write an autobiography
  23. learn to forgive and let go of things
  24. get an imdb credit
  25. have professional head shots taken
  26. helicopter flight over Las Vegas
  27. earn money
  28. make money with something I enjoy
  29. take a yoga class
  30. be interviewed
  31. lose 40 pounds
  32. become a millionaire
  33. eat a Ramen Burger
  34. be stuck inside in a snow storm
  35. see Sunset Boulevard the musical
  36. see Wicked the musical
  37. see The Book of Mormon  (02/12/2014)
  38. see something on Broadway
  39. be a contestant on Jeopardy
  40. be done renovating our apartment
  41. hold a real wedding