10 Youtubers Everyone Should Follow

10 Youtubers Everyone Should Follow

Hi everyone!

Recently, I’ve gotten extremely infatuated with Youtube and internet personalities’ daily vlogs and shopping hauls.  I’ve compiled a list of vloggers and Youtubers that are my personal favorite ranging from fashion, beauty to books and entertainment. So check them out and let me know what you think about them, or send me your personal favorites in the comments.

Beauty & Fashion

Zoella – She’s a British Youtube Sensation with almost 10 million subscribers. What!? That’s almost the entire size of Los Angeles subscribed to her. Zoella is super cute and she does videos about a variety of topics and shops.

LoeyLane – Loey is a plus-size beauty youtuber who rose to stardom with her plus-size swimsuit try on videos. She does a lot of body positivity videos and beauty tutorials, so check her out. Also, she has her own personal line of clothes at SocietyPlus.

LearningToBeFearless– Alexandra is also a plus-size fashion and beauty youtube that gives us great inspiration with her beauty tutorials and body positivity videos. She has a great sense of style and she’s just super entertaining!

xBrittney89– Brittney’s style is a bit out there. Let me just warn you about that. 🙂 But her personality is super bubbly and I absolutely love to listen to her talk. She’s fun and super entertaining with her vlogs and Fat Chat Fridays.

Ingrid Nilsen – She’s also really bubbly and and I just love the way her videos look. It’s a pretty eclectic mix of things that she talks about so I think everyone should find something for their personal interests.



PeruseProject – I enjoy watching her talk about the books she loves. She’s funny and witty, and super smart! So you should definitely check her opinions out.

polandbananasBOOKS – So if you’re into someone who’s more intense, you’ve found your channel with polandbananasBOOKS. She’s hyper energetic and I’ve never seen anyone haul their books so excitedly and sometimes a bit more aggressively. But she’s amazing!

Tashapolis – polandbananasBOOKs brought me to Tashapolis. They’re friends and Tasha is a bit more toned down but she’s a perfect fit for all your fangirl needs.

abookutopia – Sasha is a cutie and a total sweetheart. Her face lights up when she talks about her books and that’s always a great thing for me when I watch people talk about their passions.


Ok! So now we’ll get into shameless self-promotion. If you’re interested in all of those above, why don’t you check out my little YouTube channel that was just launched a couple of weeks ago. 🙂 Like, comment and share! See you on YouTube!


2016 – A Look at What’s Ahead

2016 – A Look at What’s Ahead

Hi everyone!

Last year was quite the tumultuous. I graduated Santa Monica College, which I thought was fantastic to experience my first American graduation. Those hats and gowns are hilarious!

I changed schools to complete my bachelors in art history, which was quite the adjustment for both me and Justin. But now I’ve gotten adjusted and it’s almost time to leave the dorms again. However, I’ve made some great friends there that I absolutely adore.

So on the schooling front I will definitely just keep on trucking. There isn’t much that will change except getting into different student housing in fall. But that’s still up in the air.

When summer rolls around I’m definitely going back to Europe. There are things I’m excited to see and I need to go back. I want to travel to Paris or Italy and look at the artworks. It’s definitely on my list. Hey, I’m an art historian, ok?

During the year, I definitely want to work on my YouTube videos and read more books. 2016 is already off to a great start having read 4 books just in January! Hooray! Finally, I won’t feel like such a loser for not making my Goodreads goal.

So that’s about it for this year. Nothing special happening, but maybe that’s a good thing. Not planning anything exciting or different is always a great way to get surprised by what life throws at us. I’ll definitely keep you updated!

Color Obsession of January: Burgundy/Wine Red

Color Obsession of January: Burgundy/Wine Red

Hi everyone!

I’m back from a long beauty sleep. Well, not really. I was extremely busy with college and life but it’s going to be different now! JanaCalifornia will now also be expanding to YouTube, adding fashion to our selection of eclectic topics. The videos are coming up soon – so stay tuned! Meanwhile, I would like to show you guys my current color fashion obsession which is burgundy, a darker shade of red.

Here are some of the items I’ve purchased and will haul and try on for you on the new YouTube channel coming up soon. 😉 These are my current obsessions:


Sequin – Beaded Inspiring Star Bracelets, Set of 3


This super cute beads & pearls bracelet that also includes a round and star-shaped charm studded with rhinestones. I absolutely love it and it’s still on sale over at Bloomingdale’s for $24.00 reduced from $48.00. Check it out here.


Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Lenia Sneakers


So anyone who loves Chuck Taylor’s will definitely fall in love with these cuties. And they’re super cheap too. On sale right now at Target it was $19.99 but it’s now $13.45. I’ve added them to my must-have list. Check them out here.


Sporty of My Life Top



Sticking with the sporty vibe of the sneakers above, comes a nice hooded top from Modcloth. The materials are 80% Cotton, 17% Polyester and 3% Spandex. If you know anything about my preferences, you’ll always see that I try to go for clothes that have a high percentage of cotton. And it has a crinkly texture too. So no ironing, yay!
It’s currently $34.99 over at Modcloth. So check it out here.


Doublju Women Plus-size Versatile Strechy Flared Skater Skirt


Yay for skater skirts! Absolutely love them, and absolutely love Doublju. So it’s a perfect match. This skirt comes in all colors of the rainbow, but for this post I obviously picked burgundy. It’s $9.98-17.98 over at Amazon. Check it out here.


La Cle Street Fashion Handy Saddle Mini Small Dating Cross Body Shoulder Bag


I’m freaking obsessed with this bag. It’s saffiano leather and I am in love with that type of leather. Usually that’s a staple of Michael Kors, so I was super excited to find a more affordable bag over at Amazon that uses the same type of leather. The bag is kind of small but it definitely fits a wallet and your cellphone. And the price is fantastic. It’s only $35.99. Check it out here.

Essie – Bahama Mama


No outfit would be complete without the perfect nail polish right? So Essie is always a fav without too high of a price tag. Bahama Mama is in their regular collection and it definitely completes any winter/burgundy outfit. I absolutely love it! It’s $8.50 at Amazon. Check it out here.


At the end I just wanted to let you know that I make no commission by you clicking at these links or you buying these items. I’d let you know if that was the case. Just sharing my burgundy color obsessions with my lovely readers.

Some of these will also be appearing in my favorites of the month video over at the JanaCalifornia YouTube channel which you can find here.

2015 – A Look at What’s Ahead!

2015 – A Look at What’s Ahead!

After a rather uneventful New Year’s Eve that we spent in Orange County with Justin’s family, 2015 is now already in full swing. And let me tell you, this year will be quite exciting.

So this post is about the things that are going to come our way this year. At least the one’s I know about, because I’m not a fortune teller (yet). 😉

It will start out with my travels to Germany in mid-January to mid-February, where I’m currently working on a new endeavor but I can’t tell you quite yet what it will be. So you’re going to have to stay patient. But you can expect a reveal soon, maybe even as soon as I get back.

Mid-February to mid-June I’m attending Santa Monica College for my last semester. And it’s quite sad to be honest. I will miss this school as it was the best I’ve ever attended but I’m happy to finally graduate onto new adventures.

And graduating from SMC means, I finally get to walk with all the other graduates to receive my Associate’s degree in mid-June. I’m expecting a huge party. Well I don’t know who’s coming yet, but I know my mum will fly in from Germany. So that will be exciting.

And then we get to the scary part. I have to pick a college I’ll be attending in fall to complete my Bachelor’s degree. Technically, I’ve already accepted admissions at California State University, Channel Islands and that’s where I want to go, but you never know with me. I might just change my mind. And I got into another school that used to be my first choice before. So we shall see. Either way, it’s going to be very exciting!

Also I’m going to continue my weight loss journey this year, which was already quite successful last year but I’m trying to step it up in 2015.

And there are two challenges I’m going to do which I’m also pretty excited about. I’m participating in two reading challenges, one about the amount of books I’m trying to read this year (35 is my set goal) on goodreads.com. Anyone who wants to join can follow the link here: reading challenge at goodreads.

The second one is something I found on the internet both at popsugar and 9gag (yeah it’s an odd choice, I know). It’s about the different books you read. You can follow my progress over here on my 2015 Reading Challenge page.

What are your goals for 2015? Got anything fun planned? Let me know in the comments!

German Christmas Market in Los Angeles – Old World

German Christmas Market in Los Angeles – Old World


Fall Semester is done! And Christmas is over too, which I spent with my husband cooking some yummy food. I always find it hard to get into the Christmas spirit over here in California because of the missing snow and cold. However, I could take a walk on the beach or decorate a palm tree. Yeah, I know I’m complaining on a very high level right now. Hah!

Anyway to make sure we got a little excited for Christmas we decided to find ourselves a Christmas market over here, since we couldn’t go back to Germany this year. And there’s this place called Old World in Huntington Beach, and the name really doesn’t lie.


When you arrive, it feels like you’ve stepped into a small Bavarian town. And when we got there, the the tiny streets were lined with booths selling all kind of varying things like soap, nutritional supplements and pillows. The Old World has a couple of permanent shops too and we took a stroll through them visiting an art shop and a Turkish book shop.


For catering they had contracted the LA Currywurst truck which has gained fame in Europe through various television shows. However, we opted for the local German restaurant and the food really surprised me. Finding authentic German food in LA is quite difficult. However, this one came the closest so far to actually tasting to the Bavarian food from home.


The Christmas market was full of Germans and you really felt transported there not just because of the atmosphere but also because of the language you could hear being spoken all around you.

This is event is held annually and is organized by Germans here in California. Next year, around Christmas time anyone should come check it out. Or just check out the Old Market during the year, they have a great restaurant and plenty of German shops including two supermarkets and a beer garden. Or stop by the Speakeasy for a drink.




Old World
7561 Center Ave. #49
Huntington Beach, CA 92647