An American in Germany – Berlin Edition



As we were stuck at home during the holidays, I thought about how boring the small city life must be for my husband Justin. Seeing that he is from Los Angeles, I decided to show him more than just a small Bavarian town and booked a two day trip to Berlin. In my opinion, if you fly across the Atlantic to come and visit Germany, you should not miss our capital. Right after New Year’s Eve, we packed our bags into our rental car and drove the approx. 5 hours up to Berlin. We checked into the Park Inn at Alexanderplatz, which is the second largest hotel in Berlin. It was indeed quite large and our hotel room was located on the 19th floor. The interior design of our hotel room was quite interesting as it included a bathroom that was only divided from the room by a glass wall. The perfect shower for exhibitionists. We got there early but we were so tired from driving that we didn’t really go out; instead we went to sleep at 7 pm. Not a good idea. The next day we woke up at 6 a.m. and got tickets to a “hop on, hop off” city tours bus first thing in the morning. We decided to go with the bus that had a real guide instead of headphones to explain the city to us. I’ll share some photos with you at the end of this post. We saw almost all the sights that you’d want to see in Berlin: the Reichstag, some parts of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Siegessäule and the Brandenburg Gate. The latter was quite the sight and obviously flooded with all kinds of tourists and costumed performers harassing said tourists.


The Brandenburg Gate

 Due to the cold, we stopped at the famous and quite expensive Hotel Adlon.  I don’t usually mind luxurious things but when I have to pay $20 for a cup of chamomile tea, I draw the line. But all kidding aside, the hotel is really nicely decorated and they make you feel really important. You better include some pampering with that price!

As we continued on, Justin also insisted on visiting the main train station in Berlin. He is a big train enthusiast (hint: I’m not!) and Berlin’s train hub is one of the largest in Europe. The day went by quickly and the next day we left for Regensburg after taking a tour of the Berlin Zoo. This concludes my first part of our Berlin trip. I’ll write another post about the KaDeWe and the food specialties we enjoyed on our trip soon.




Main Train Station



Hotel Adlon right next to the Brandenburg Gate


Our room at the Park Inn Alexanderplatz

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  1. i have stayed in berlin last year, for the very first time. but i didn’t like it that much …


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