10 Youtubers Everyone Should Follow

10 Youtubers Everyone Should Follow

Hi everyone!

Recently, I’ve gotten extremely infatuated with Youtube and internet personalities’ daily vlogs and shopping hauls.  I’ve compiled a list of vloggers and Youtubers that are my personal favorite ranging from fashion, beauty to books and entertainment. So check them out and let me know what you think about them, or send me your personal favorites in the comments.

Beauty & Fashion

Zoella – She’s a British Youtube Sensation with almost 10 million subscribers. What!? That’s almost the entire size of Los Angeles subscribed to her. Zoella is super cute and she does videos about a variety of topics and shops.

LoeyLane – Loey is a plus-size beauty youtuber who rose to stardom with her plus-size swimsuit try on videos. She does a lot of body positivity videos and beauty tutorials, so check her out. Also, she has her own personal line of clothes at SocietyPlus.

LearningToBeFearless– Alexandra is also a plus-size fashion and beauty youtube that gives us great inspiration with her beauty tutorials and body positivity videos. She has a great sense of style and she’s just super entertaining!

xBrittney89– Brittney’s style is a bit out there. Let me just warn you about that. 🙂 But her personality is super bubbly and I absolutely love to listen to her talk. She’s fun and super entertaining with her vlogs and Fat Chat Fridays.

Ingrid Nilsen – She’s also really bubbly and and I just love the way her videos look. It’s a pretty eclectic mix of things that she talks about so I think everyone should find something for their personal interests.



PeruseProject – I enjoy watching her talk about the books she loves. She’s funny and witty, and super smart! So you should definitely check her opinions out.

polandbananasBOOKS – So if you’re into someone who’s more intense, you’ve found your channel with polandbananasBOOKS. She’s hyper energetic and I’ve never seen anyone haul their books so excitedly and sometimes a bit more aggressively. But she’s amazing!

Tashapolis – polandbananasBOOKs brought me to Tashapolis. They’re friends and Tasha is a bit more toned down but she’s a perfect fit for all your fangirl needs.

abookutopia – Sasha is a cutie and a total sweetheart. Her face lights up when she talks about her books and that’s always a great thing for me when I watch people talk about their passions.


Ok! So now we’ll get into shameless self-promotion. If you’re interested in all of those above, why don’t you check out my little YouTube channel that was just launched a couple of weeks ago. 🙂 Like, comment and share! See you on YouTube!