2016 – A Look at What’s Ahead

Hi everyone!

Last year was quite the tumultuous. I graduated Santa Monica College, which I thought was fantastic to experience my first American graduation. Those hats and gowns are hilarious!

I changed schools to complete my bachelors in art history, which was quite the adjustment for both me and Justin. But now I’ve gotten adjusted and it’s almost time to leave the dorms again. However, I’ve made some great friends there that I absolutely adore.

So on the schooling front I will definitely just keep on trucking. There isn’t much that will change except getting into different student housing in fall. But that’s still up in the air.

When summer rolls around I’m definitely going back to Europe. There are things I’m excited to see and I need to go back. I want to travel to Paris or Italy and look at the artworks. It’s definitely on my list. Hey, I’m an art historian, ok?

During the year, I definitely want to work on my YouTube videos and read more books. 2016 is already off to a great start having read 4 books just in January! Hooray! Finally, I won’t feel like such a loser for not making my Goodreads goal.

So that’s about it for this year. Nothing special happening, but maybe that’s a good thing. Not planning anything exciting or different is always a great way to get surprised by what life throws at us. I’ll definitely keep you updated!

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