October Recap – Pumpkins & Halloween Season!

October Recap – Pumpkins & Halloween Season!

Unfortunately, my favorite month is over now and we’re into November. I simply love October because it’s filled with pumpkins, Octoberfests and scary stuff. And – as usual – I forgot to blog about half of them! Oh college, you suck up all my time.

So without further ado, here’s what else happened in my little October recap.


Disneyland Halloween Decorations

Early October, Justin and I put our annual passes to good use and looked at the amazing Halloween decorations at Disneyland. And they really had pumpkins EVERYWHERE! Even the food items were decorated all halloween-ey so I absolutely loved it.

IMG_9235 IMG_9230 IMG_9224

Octoberfest in Los Angeles & Alpine Village

Even though I actually never liked to going to Oktoberfest in Munich while I only lived an hour away, I do enjoy going to the “Octoberfests” in the US. They aren’t really anything like the real one but it’s fun seeing all the Americans celebrate something German. We went to the German restaurant Wirtshaus and the food was great! Justin got dressed up in a Bavarian Lederhose and we had Nutella pudding & potato pancakes.

IMG_9183  IMG_9172  IMG_9175

Pumpkin Patch

I absolutely love pumpkins. So going to our annual pumpkin patch is always one of my favorite trips. It was super windy though, so excuse my getup :).

IMG_9272_Snapseed IMG_9458 IMG_9469

What did you guys do in October? Did you have a fun Halloween? Let me know about all your stories in the comment section.