Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights – Get Scared with Hollywood’s Best Effects

Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights – Get Scared with Hollywood’s Best Effects


I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you guys this but Halloween season is my favorite part of the year. Maybe that’s because I didn’t really have it growing up in a medium-sized German town.

Most Germans, at least the older ones, regard Halloween as one of those silly American traditions. And besides the occasional Halloween party and some scary movies, we don’t really do much.

No one does trick or treating. Or at least they didn’t do that when I was young, because it just wasn’t ok to teach kids to beg for candy. (Or so I was told.)  Anyway, when I tried doing it some old lady threw a potted plant at me. So yeah.. no good memories of trick or treating.

But now that I’m in America, you better believe I’m trying out all the scary things they got to offer. I’ll lay off the candy though. 🙂

Today, I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite Halloween attractions over here in LA. It’s Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. Many of you know Universal from the fancy movies they put out and the theme park. But when Halloween rolls around they put their set making skills into making really freaking scary mazes.


This year’s mazes included Alien vs. Predator, Dracula Untold, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, The Walking Dead, Clowns 3D, A Werewolf in London and Face/Off.

The Alien vs. Predator maze was my absolute favorite because they really used all their knowledge of technology and prop making for this one. I’m not going to go into too much detail because I’m sure some of you are still going to go and see it for yourself. So, I’ll tell you this, the wait was 70 minutes, which to me is really long and that’s why we bought the Front of the Line pass. It’s a lot more money but definitely worth it, because otherwise you’d wait 70 minutes for a maze that’s relatively short.

Another maze that I was impressed by, although I didn’t particularly like it was Clowns 3D. The 3D effect and vibrant neon color make you quite dizzy and the soundtrack by Slash fits perfectly. However, expect to be grossed out. They go all out with the gore and smells accompanying it. I had a hard time walking through it.

For anyone that knows from Dusk ‘Til Dawn: The original bar is called the Titty Twister, but they couldn’t name it that because the sign is visible from the park during regular hours.

Besides the mazes you’ll find a lot of scare zones with performers lurking in the dark to jump out at you. This time they themed them Dark Christmas, Masq-A-Raid (basically a French Revolution theme), The Walking Dead and The Purge 2.


Last year, they shuttled us down to the lower lot for more Walking Dead mazes. This year it’s up to you to walk there, being scared by zombies at the same time. I know Walking Dead fans really appreciate the mazes they do, with the prison theme and all, but for someone like me who has never seen the show, the connection to the story is obviously a bit lost.

If you’re interested in going, there are still two weekends that you can do so. I would, however, suggest to invest in the Front of the Line Pass for $150. The waiting times sometimes can go up to 90 minutes and to me that’s a whole lot of waiting.

Check out their website for more information. And if you can’t make it out to California, you can also go experience it in Orlando. Have you ever been to any of the Halloween Horror Nights? Are you into the scares of Halloween attraction?



Olvera Street – Colorful Mexican Marketplace

Olvera Street – Colorful Mexican Marketplace


I’m sorry we’ve been a bit absent. It’s exam time here at my college, so I was pretty preoccupied with that. However, I’ve found a new, totally awesome place for you to check out!

It’s Olvera Street, a Mexican marketplace that has been there for 75 years. You can find anything from Mexican Restaurants, sweets, dresses and other colorful things.


Olvera Street is hidden in a tiny side-street right next to the Mexican consulate, which is across the street from Union Station. I didn’t think anything this nice would be around there but once we stumbled upon it we were quite impressed by the rainbow-colored booths nestled beneath luscious greens.


The hand-made ceramics and embroidered Mexican dresses are a sight of their own. SoCal has a lot of Mexican influence, but nothing really ever felt as authentic to me than this place.


Another thing you should check out when you visit Olvera Street is LA’s oldest house. You can walk through it and check out the inside, including the furniture. It’s an interesting insight into the history of LA, and it’s free.

If you want to check it out, I would recommend getting there by subway because I can’t tell you about parking, but the train takes you right there. Check out some more photos below, and as usual, let me know if you’ve been there and what you think! 🙂

125 Paseo de la Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Hours of Operation:
Mo-Sun 7 am – 10 pm