Discovery Science Center – Be a Mythbuster with this Explosive Exhibit

Discovery Science Center – Be a Mythbuster with this Explosive Exhibit


Mythbusters has always been a favorite TV show of mine. And quite frankly, I’m upset that they’re letting go of Kari and the other two guys. But at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, Ca. you can still explore the old Mythbusters’ glory in their summer exhibition.

Once you enter the Mythbusters part of the Discovery Science Center, the first thing you see is the an array of blueprints and gadgets used in their previous shows. Generally, most of the props on display come directly from the show.  As you can see above, they have a little fashion-like exhibit where you can see the cast members’ clothes.

But then comes the fun part! Once you walk a little further into the museum, the experiments start. And everything is hands on! Let’s take the 3 little piggy experiment for example, where you get to build a house in the middle of a small wind channel. Try and see what material holds up best against the wind.



You can look at the different kind of explosions in their slow-motion explosion cam or take a closer look at the mechanical shark. Which is super awesome by the way! Or try your hand at card toss to get them to stick to a target. I’ll admit, I wasn’t very good at that but Justin got a couple of them to stick.




If you feel like getting wet, try and answer the following question with your friends: How do you get wetter in the rain? By walking or by running. The water is infused with invisible, edible dye that you can only see under black light. Justin also looks like he’s about to film a commercial for tooth pate.

The exhibition is fun for the whole family and is still going on until this Sunday, if you’re interested in stopping by. Maybe one of you is even courageous enough to try to dodge a paintball that gets shot at you with an automated paintball gun like Justin did.


So if you don’t have anything else to do, and you’re looking for something fun & educational visit the Discovery Science Center. Or you’ll wait until October if you’re not in California. Then the Mythbusters exhibit will move to the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History in Texas.

Discovery Science Center
2500 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705

What do you think about Mythbusters? Did you go see the exhibit already? Let me know in the comments: