5 Food Items You Should Try in Bavaria, Germany

5 Food Items You Should Try in Bavaria, Germany


A lot of you might now that besides traveling, I also like to eat. Restaurant, street food, home cooked meals I’ll try it all the more exotic the better. Growing up in Bavaria, the heart of food in Germany, I was allowed to experience many different food items and now I’d like to share them with you, in case you ever end up there.

If you’re a big chicken or turkey fan, I’m going to have to disappoint you. These two types of meat are not very popular, although you might encounter them every once in a while. Our main protein is pork in every kind of way; sausage, roasted, grilled – you name it! And since we found that many ways to cook pork, it never gets boring. Our main vegetables are potatoes and cabbage, although you will usually find a free house salad to go with your meal.

These are the 5 food items anyone should try if they ever stop by Bavaria:

1)  Bratwurst and Sauerkraut



Americans are usually semi-familiar with Bratwurst, although in Germany they are usually significantly smaller than the American counterpart. Bavarians usually like to eat their sausages with Sauerkraut or on bun, accompanied by medium-spicy or spicy yellow mustard. If you want to taste the best Bratwursts, try getting the Nuremberger Bratwursts.

2)  “Schweinshaxe mit Knödel” – Roasted ham hock with dumplings


Roasted ham hock with crispy skin, potato dumplings and dark sauce is another Bavarian delicacy. It’s usually enjoyed in winter due to its heaviness, but you can get it year-round. The dark sauce usually contains beer and on occasion caraway seeds.

3)  Weißwürste and Brezen

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American’s are familiar with pretzels. However, the Bavarian Breze is a little bit different. It’s crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, covered with salt. Bavarians like to pair it with Weißwurst, which literally translates to white sausage. Try it with some sweet mustard for breakfast. Yeah, you heard me right. It’s often eaten for breakfast.

4)  Obatzda


 Bavarians love to sit outside in the beer garden with their friends to enjoy a cold brew. And what goes better with some beer than some heavy cheese on dark bread? Obatzda is a cheese delicacy made of soft cheese and butter. The orange color comes from the added paprika powder.

5) Weizen, Helles, Pils and more! – Beer, of course!


 All these food items are only half as good, unless they’re accompanied by a beer. Bavaria is heaven for beer lovers. Of course I know that it’s not really a “food item”, but I had to include it in this list. After all, that’s the big draw of coming to Bavaria! Bavaria has approximately 1300 breweries which produce about 5000 brands of beer. That’s going to take a while to try them all.

Of course these aren’t all of the many dishes that are good in Bavaria, but rather a glimpse of my favorites and must-tries. Let me know in the comments or on facebook which ones you’d put on this list.

So all that’s left to say is: Cheers!


Regensburg: Garden Festival in the Princess’ Palace of St. Emmeram

Regensburg: Garden Festival in the Princess’ Palace of St. Emmeram

Palace of St. Emmeram

Palace of St. Emmeram

Some of you may know, that Justin and I are back in Germany for summer vacation. This is also the reason for the relatively long absence of content creation on JanaCalifornia. However, now I’m back and I have many great stories for you.

Regensburg, my home town, has quite a few interesting things to offer. One of the big tourist draws every summer is the garden festival at the Palace of St. Emmeram which is home to the Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis. She still resides there and chances are good you will actually run into her when you take a stroll on her property.

Once you enter the premises, you are surrounded by luscious, green trees.

The vast grounds resemble a magical forest with the castle towering at the end,

transporting you into the glamorous era of royalty.

When you take a stroll through the woods, along the pond situated in the middle of the garden, the anticipation builds as you walk toward the big Romanesque-Gothic building.

St. Emmeram

During the annual garden festival, various vendors set up their decorated booths all over the garden. Customers can find anything from artwork and garden furniture to fruit syrups and expensive clothing.

Once you get hungry from all the shopping, food booths are there to quench your desires with beer from the Thurn und Taxis brewery and local specialties.

The garden festival is not the only summer festival held at St. Emmeram’s Palace. The Princess hosts a music and theater festival “Schlossfestspiele” with many special guests and outstanding performances, which brings more than 30.000 visitors to the castle each year. Elton John is scheduled to perform this year.

Come to St. Emmeram’s Palace for a special occasions such as the summer festival or the romantic Christmas market or every day to take a tour of the magnificent chambers. With its well-kept green gardens and the ostentatious building take you back to the royal high times of imperial rulers.

Palace of St. Emmeram

Emmeramsplatz 5,
93047 Regensburg, Germany


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Magnificent Pond and Garden at the Palace