2014 will be the year for change! The To-Do-List

I know I’m super late on this but I don’t believe in making a New Year’s resolution list simply because I won’t know what I want to change until the New Year rolls around.

Now that 2014 is already almost one year old, I have found a couple of things that I will be working on this year. I hope everything works out for the better but I will make sure you will be kept up to date!


Our renovations

1) Renovating our apartment! 

Justin and I live in a pretty small studio apartment. The carpet is old, dirty and incredibly green, so it’s got to go. It will be replaced by some nice laminate in light birch.  We already picked out a new kitchen from Ikea, which we are putting in. The bathroom will be totally remodeled; new shower, new vanity and some more storage cabinets.

My father-in-law is also building me a shoe cabinet/closet which I’m extremely excited about!

We are sleeping on a murphy bed and if we have time, we might even take that out too! So many exciting changes in this apartment that are definitely necessary!

2) Weight loss!

2014 is finally the year when I’ll get into losing a couple of pounds. Let’s face it, I should probably lose more than a couple of pounds. Anyhow, I’m pretty motivated. One of the reasons is a friend of mine, who told me her success story. She really only diets during the semesters and lost a lot of weight doing that.

I’ve thought about which program I’d like to do. And I’ve decided I’m going with Weight Watchers. The apps for both iPad and iPhone make it really easy to track the points and the point system itself is super simple to follow.

3) Career change.

After many years of looking for what I want to do in my life, I have decided that I’d like to get into writing. Besides this blog, I’m starting to write a novel that I would like to finish by the end of this year and maybe see published some day. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any info on the story yet but maybe I’ll write a post about it some time.

I hope I will find a way of getting an internship in summer semester to further my career in Public Relations as well.

4) Wardrobe change.

This seems like a no-brainer together with the weight loss. However, I don’t just want to buy smaller clothes but I also want to wear more dresses. I feel like I’ve found which cuts fit me well and now I would like to buy more of them.

5) Travel more.

I have been traveling a lot in the last year but I’ve never gone anywhere outside of California and Nevada. My goal this year is to go see New York City and Washington D.C.

New York City is a fabulous city and I’d like to go back. Also, Washington D.C. has been a dream destination of mine for a while now. Let’s see if we can make this happen.


Some time next month I might put up a list of things I want to do that specifies it a little more.

I’m sure this year will be great and I’m looking forward to it with these changes along the way.

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